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Rift Runners
Rift Runners Has a New Address!
Feb 26, 09 8:07 PM
Beginnings Celebration
Feb 22, 09 10:32 PM
Rift Runners Live!
Feb 6, 09 4:48 PM
Web Site Live on GuildPortal!
Jan 15, 09 5:22 AM
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The towering obelisk glows with pulsing energies and ancient magics, the altar marked with runes from a time long forgotten. Like a great crystal, the Riftstone itself is smooth and faceted, and you can sense a strong power just waiting to be tapped. A loud humming sound throbs in your head as you reach towards the stone, your hand almost on its surface...

What happens next you cannot say, all that can be recalled is a swirl of lights and.. voices?.. then a brief but immense feeling of being propelled. Head still light from what has occurred and heart pounding wildly, you open your eyes to entirely new surroundings.

A voice.. one that is flesh and blood and not belonging to the strange and haunting stone.. speaks clearly to you, calling you back to the solid and certain present.

You have reached the home of the Rift Runners.
From the halls of Bordinar's Cleft To the shores of New Targonar We will fight the armies of undead Til' we chase them from our door. As they ride down from the hills And sail from across the seas We'll fight them all at will Til' we bring them to their knees. Made of the noble Elites And also the unruly Mercs We'll always stand united Because Riftrunners always comes first. The Elites is led by Avaros The one who stands so brave Who will lead us into battle And never lead us astray. The Mercs is seen by Delmaris He is the one with the wits He may get into trouble But he can always get out of it. Uniting the two is Maighan The symbol of our strength It is through her wisdom she guides us And makes tough choices to our benefit. We fight in Riftrunner's honor We fight secretly in the name of the king Nothing can conquer the Riftrunners We'll see that all of Telon is free!

- Wolthar, dwarf poet extraordinaire
Event of the Day

Beginnings Celebration!

It was a fine start for a new beginning and a day of celebration on Gullo's Grotto for the Rift Runners!  We began by gathering at Headquarters and then finding a good spot for a group portrait before boarding the Jaded Ember for an evening of dancing, fishing and fireworks! Those in attendance were, from left to right, Dhelmar Daeda, Kelstim Silverbreeze, Delmaris Daeda, Maighan Aria, Avaros Willem, Rachal Flamkyn and Fairywind Silverbreeze (Alais and Kellevandros also made the celebration but we had already lost the light for a good group portrait by the time they arrived).

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